Christian Stoll 2021

Improve audio with the web service Auphonic

If you have recorded an audio file and want to improve the audio quality a little bit afterwards, Auphonic is a good choice. Auphonic is a web service where you can upload audio files, which are then automatically processed by Auphonic and can then be downloaded again. This service was primarily developed for podcasters and is therefore particularly suitable for voice recordings.

First, you need to register with Auphonic with an email address, then you can upload two hours of audio material per month free of charge and edit. If you want to edit more than two hours of audio material per month, you have the option to subscribe.

To start a new production, click on „New Production“.

Under „Select File“ you can now select the file you want to upload.

Since this service is intended for podcast production, we can simply ignore most of the possible settings.

Only at Outputfile we have to set the desired audio format and bitrate. I choose the mp3 format with a bitrate of 320kbps. After that I can still specify what the edited audio file should be called.

Finally, I choose what Auphonic should do with the audio file. As a rule, you can simply accept the default settings. I set a check mark here to filter out background noise.

Now I click on „Start Production“ and again on „Start Production“. Now the audio file is uploaded and edited, this can take some time depending on the length of the audio file. After the file has been uploaded, I can also close the browser window. Auphonic notifies me by email when the edits are complete and I can download the file.

When the editing is finished, I can listen to the result, compare it with the original file and download the result.

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