Digitalization in Vocational Teacher Education (DiBeLe) Project

Research project within the framework of the quality initiative teacher training

Teaching and learning with and via media are a natural part of education, both in classroom phases at school and in digital learning opportunities, as the digitization strategy "School in the Digital World" for Berlin states. Therefore, teacher training students should begin to consolidate and expand their own media competence and knowledge about digitization in their studies.

The project DiBeLe is led by PD Dr. Jan Pfetsch and is located at the (Department of Educational Psychology). The project supports university lecturers in their higher education didactic and content-related competencies through

  1. teaching and learning with and via media in teacher training studies (Innovation lab media didactics),
  2. learning support in the practical semester through the development and validation of a digital feedback tool for students as well as a concept for lesson debriefings (Digital Feedback Tool in Learning Support in the Practical Semester) and
  3. a self-study course about the introduction to educational science knowledge in teacher training studies for lateral entry master's students (Q-Master Quest).

For this purpose, we offer coaching and workshops on digital tools and digitization in the subproject Innovation Lab Media Education, which promotes learning about and with digital media in teacher training. Here we work with blended learning scenarios, online collaboration tools, explanatory videos, and other digital tools. In the Digital Feedback Tool subproject, the focus is on the conceptual development and practical testing of classroom debriefing, supported by quantitative-empirical methods to validate a short questionnaire. The sub-project Q-Master Quest focuses on the transition from (natural science) bachelor to (educational science) master study components through e-learning opportunities. In all areas of the DiBeLe project, exchange and feedback with lecturers in teacher education on learning via and with digital media are aimed at to prepare teacher training students well for the vocational school of the future.

Projektteam v.l.n.r. Christine Ladehoff, Diemut Ophardt, Anja Wipper, Christian Stoll, Jan Pfetsch und Ceylan Türkyilmaz

The DiBeLe project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the funding code 01JA2014 as part of the joint „Quality Initiative Teacher Education“ (Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung) of the federal and state governments.

The DiBele project consists of three subprojects:
Subproject 1: Innovation lab media didactics
Subproject 2: Digital feedback tool in the learning support of the practical semester
Subproject 3: Q-Master Quest


Digitale Medien in der Lehrkräftebildung:

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