Subproject 1: Innovation Lab Media Didactics

Responsible: Christian Stoll and Ceylan Türkyilmaz
Subproject Management: Dr. Anja Wipper

The Innovation Lab Media Didactics serves media education for lecturers in teacher training through further education, coaching, and consulting. The goal is to prepare lecturers as well as students for the upcoming challenges and didactic possibilities of digital teaching media. We are supported by the online teaching team of ZEWK.

In addition to conducting workshops, we also create materials such as videos and publish them on our YouTube channel and here on DokuWiki under a Creative Commons license. We offer workshops and consultation on the following topics:

  • Creation of teaching videos and podcasts
  • media didactic design of online and face-to-face teaching
  • media competence development of learners
  • hybrid forms of teaching

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